Pierre Yovanovitch

Jean-François Jaussaud / LUXPRODUCTIONS

Extreme luxury tempered by a restrained, purist sensitivity defines the “Made in France” signature of interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch whose projects stand out for their refined sense of architectural scale over ostentation and fickle design trends.

Since 2001, prestigious commissions include a 5-star hotel in the heart of Paris, a 17th century château in Provence, high-end contemporary residences in New York as well as the scenographies of a number of international exhibitions. Each commission is conceived as a one-off project tailored to the space as well as the personality and lifestyle of the client.

A true sense of strength and sobriety characterizes a Pierre Yovanovitch interior, achieved through a masterful interplay of harmonious volumes and strict lines softened by lighting and authentic materials – wood, stone, marble, metal. All floors, lighting fixtures and furniture are made to measure, working with an elite network of artisans. An eclectic, curated selection of works by international designers underscores the couture approach. Sobriety, balance, comfort and modernity are his key words. The ultimate perfectionist, Pierre Yovanovitch conceives each project as a work of art.

Partner Matthieu Cussac

Matthieu Cussac, Associé de Pierre Yovanovitch

  • Architect
    Artistic director
    Christine Lili Cheng

    Clio Dimofski, architecte d'intérieur
  • Architect
    Interior Designer
    Clio Dimofski

    Violaine Gaillet, architecte
  • Architect
    Technical director
    Pascal Dréau

    Olivier Garcé, architecte
  • Architect Aurélie Etienne

    Morgane Gentilucci, architecte d'intérieur
  • Interior Designer Alice Falleau

    Laure Gravier, architecte d'intérieur
  • Architect - Interior Designer Olivier Garcé

    Pierre Pinson, architecte d'intérieur
  • Interior Designer Romain Gellusseau

    Thibaut Poirier, Architecte d'intérieur
  • Interior Designer Morgane Gentilucci

    Aurélia Prognon, architecte d'intérieur
  • Interior Designer Laure Gravier

    Emmanuelle Simon, architecte d'intérieur
  • Architect DPLG Laure Mulot

    Marie-Anne Derville, décoratrice d'intérieur
  • Architect Pierre Pinson

    Mélissa Desset, décoratrice d'intérieur
  • Interior Designer Aurélia Prognon

    Caroline le Bloas, décoratrice
  • Interior Designer Gaultier Rimbault-Joffard

    Valentina Pilia, décoratrice d'intérieur
  • Architect Paul de Saint Maur

    Paul de Saint Maur
  • Design Officer & furniture production Pierre-Eloi Bris

    Myriam Bartissol, attachée de Direction
  • Designer Marie-Anne Derville

    Pascale Rico Bonnin, Directrice Juridique et Financière
  • Designer Mélissa Desset

    Gilles Napoli, pilote de chantier
  • Designer Amélie Kuhn

    Julie Desphilippons, Chargée de communication
  • Designer Caroline Le Bloas

    Marie Jacquier, Bureau J'M Communication & Presse
  • Designer Valentina Pilia

    Valentina Pilia
  • Executive assistant Myriam Bartissol

    Myriam Bartissol
  • Administration officer Soizic Fougeront

    Soizic Fougeront
  • Financial & legal manager Pascale Rico Bonnin

    Pascale Rico Bonnin
  • Communication Officer Julie Desphilippons

    Julie Desphilippons
  • Photographer Jean-François Jaussaud

    Jean-François Jaussaud / Luxproductions