L’Érotomanie de Mlle Oops

Design Parade Toulon
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In 2018, Jean-Pierre Blanc, director of the villa Noailles, asked Pierre Yovanovitch to chair the jury of the Design Parade Toulon. The event took place in the old bishopric of Toulon, built in the 17th century. Inspired by the historic venue, Pierre Yovanovitch went beyond creating a scenography for the show, he created an immersive story line featuring the unfolding narrative of an imaginary central character, Mlle Oops. He named the exhibition L’Érotomanie de Mlle Oops. Tapping into Yovanovitch’s passion for the opera, the exhibition was an exercise in storytelling as much as it was design.

Design Parade, Toulon, France
Featured furniture
Mrs. Oops Chair
James Floor Lamp
Mama Bear Armchair
E.T Table Lamp
E.T Table Lamp (chamotte clay)
Rudolf Bench

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