Kamel Mennour Pont de Lodi

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In 2020, Pierre Yovanovitch was tapped by gallerist Kamel Mennour to design his new gallery space in Paris. This is Yovanovitch’s third design undertaking for Mennour, having also designed the gallery’s London and original Paris location. When Pierre Yovanovitch saw the new location, it reminded him of a cloister with its row of windows and its succession of posts. After doing some research about the location, he wanted to maintain the building’s original character while emphasizing its volume. The space also required access to a second floor, so he redesigned the staircase as an independent piece within the site. The objective of Pierre Yovanovitch’s work was to find the right balance between a space that disappears in the background of artistic expression, while also possessing a strong architectural framework.

Exhibition space
Paris, France
Featured furniture
Asymétrie Armchair
Mr. & Mrs. Oops Chairs
Mini Marsha Table Lamp
Flatiron Side Table


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