Pierre Yovanovitch × Claire Tabouret

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In the Spring of 2017, Pierre Yovanovitch welcomed painter Claire Tabouret as artist in residence at the Château de Fabrègues, in Provence. Les Enfants de la Chapelle, Claire Tabouret’s first site-specific work, reflects the subject of childhood, a theme that has been central to Claire Tabouret’s paintings for years. This fresco, composed of 85 children painted full-scale, unveils, her own image of childhood, composed with lucidity and intensity, but also serenity and gravity. Painted on the walls of Yovanovitch’s 17th century former-chapel, the vibrancy and reflective nature of the painting highlights the historical integrity of the chapel, which itself was once used as a place of solace and reflection. “Marking this place with something that will remain after me, after Claire, seemed to be a noble gesture. Fabrègues is the project of a lifetime. I don’t know what will become of Fabrègues, but in any case, the fresco will certainly remain.”

In situ art
Château de Fabrègues, Provence, France

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