Pierre Yovanovitch × Tadashi Kawamata

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In early 2017, Pierre Yovanovitch commissioned contemporary artist Tadashi Kawamata to create a site-specific installation in the master suite of a Parisian home. Perched on the top floor of the property, Pierre Yovanovitch worked to create a warm, cocoon-like setting in the room. A wall of windows showcase the extraordinary view of Paris and the lime tree-lined street just below further reflecting the nest-like nature of the installation. From the beginning, Yovanovitch conceived the space with Tadashi’s work in mind. The raw, unsophisticated nature of the wood used to create the installation creates a striking juxtaposition to the ornate history of the building’s architecture while also adding a warmth and originality to the room. The space was designed to serve as the perfect setting for Kawamata’s nest with complimentary design elements such as a free-form fireplace and bold and playful Campana Brothers armchairs.

In situ art
Paris, France

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