OOPS Exhibition

New York
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OOPs is Pierre Yovanovitch’s debut standalone furniture collection launch, showcased for the first time at R & Company gallery in New York in 2017. The collection showcased twenty-four brand new furniture and lighting works, reflecting Pierre’s signature “Made in France” style of understated elegance. OOPS was the designer’s first public show in the United States, bringing to light his exceptional mastery of both furniture-making and scenography. The pieces, which range from a table to suspended light fixtures, were made in collaboration with speciality European artisans from a range of different exceptional quality materials (from ceramic to sustainably-sourced wood). Furthermore, Yovanovitch publicly debuted the iconic Bear Chair family with the launch of OOPs, showcasing the full size range of Papa, Mama and Baby Bear in a sheepskin upholstery option.

New York, United States
Featured furniture
Mama Bear Armchair
Fauteuil Papa Bear Armchair
Baby Bear Armchair
Jam Pebble Side Table
Woody Armchair
Ratatouille Cabinet
Marsha Floor Lamp
James Floor Lamp
E.T Table Lamp
Mr. Oops Chair
Mrs. Oops Chair
Otto Desk
Stanley Sofa
MAD Armchair
Stella Coffee Table
Laura Wall lamp
Taffy Side Table
Boule Cushion
Berlingot Cushion
Donut Bench


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