Quinta Da Corte

Douro Valley
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Quinta Da Corte hotel and winery is located in the Douro Valley, Portugal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Having worked together on the design of his home in Brussels, Philippe Austruy tapped Pierre Yovanovitch once again to transform the property, which dates back to the XIXth century, into a boutique hotel and winery. Yovanovitch and team set out to rehabilitate the semi-ruined estate by re-imaging the home into a boutique hotel and by creating a new cellar and wine-tasting building from scratch. Mixing multiple styles—from lesser-known midcentury vintage to standout bespoke pieces of his own design—Yovanovitch created spaces infused with both an idyllic nostalgia and a relaxed sophistication.

Guesthouse, Wine cellar
Douro Valley, Portugal
Featured furniture
Marsha Floor Lamp
Ball Cushion
Mr and Mrs Oops Chairs
Gliding Dining Table (ceramic)


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