Le Coucou Hotel

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Le Coucou hotel is a stunning reflection of the designer’s unparalleled approach to regionally-integrated design with a contemporary flair. With over 130 site-specific furniture and lighting pieces specially created for the project, made in partnership with skilled craftsmen throughout Europe, the hotel took over two years to design. Located in the heart of Meribel, France, each facet of the property’s design, from the architectural build-out of the hotel, to the custom design work and painstaking detailed elegance of the interior decor is meant to reflect the history and traditional aesthetic of the region while also adding Pierre Yovanovitch’s taste for contemporary art and signature playful aesthetic.

Hotel, Spa and restaurants
Méribel, France
Featured furniture
Ball Cushion
Honeymoon Sconce
MAD Armchair
Papa Bear Armchair
Baby Bear Armchair

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